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Deep Cleansing Gel with Rose Hip Seed Oil is a refreshing facial cleanser that offers extensive benefits to the rejuvenation process and maintained health of your skin. Rich in vitamins, it helps restore a firmer, smoother and younger looking appearance. With no fragrances or colors added, it also provides a pure, natural, and thorough cleanse.

Why Rose Hip Seed Oil?

Rose hip seed oil is a pressed oil extract taken from the seeds of the wild rose.  It contains skin nourishing vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.  It delivers a moisture boost, helping to restore a smooth, soft and balanced appearance to the skin. 

 Key Benefits

  • Provides a thorough, deep cleanse for everyday use
  • Contains nourishing Vitamin A and Red Seaweed Extract which helps protect against environmental stressors
  • Moisturizing formula that delivers fatty acids to the skin
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • No fragrances or colors added
  • For all skin types

 Skin Concerns

  • Congested skin
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Blemish-prone skin
  • Oily Skin